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Important: This website is currently inactive and is not accepting new responses, clients, or engagement. Updates and maintenance for this site have been discontinued, and its presence will be maintained solely for past partner interactions. Any ongoing communications will cease by the end of the current calendar year. Consequently, all inquiries are now considered void.

Should you have a matter that requires escalated attention and site owner review, please direct your correspondence to

We regret any inconvenience this situation may pose, especially for those seeking to establish new partnerships. We'd like to assure you that our mental health resources section and other resource offerings will undergo a revamp in the future. During this period, I am dedicating my time to focus on my family, personal well-being, mental health, ongoing professional development and higher education. As part of this journey, I am actively acquiring new skills.

Thank you for your understanding and your prior engagement.

If you require technical support or wish to change a feature on your website, you may submit a request here.

Thanks for submitting!

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