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O Let's Do It!

The "if you build it, they will come" philosophy may be effective in some situations, but it will not get you very far in the online world. You need a consistent strategy for attracting users to your website if you want to get real traffic. I specialize in curating the optimal combination of organic search, placement, social media, and other channels to ensure that your website receives the attention it deserves.

In addition to comprehensive web design, I provide a full range of professional audio editing services designed to set you up for success while saving you time and energy without sacrificing quality.

$375 (10 PAGES)

Facelift: Re-Design Only

My primary goal when redesigning your website is to increase your bottom line. Your new website will increase traffic, lead generation, and ultimately revenue.

$525 (10 PAGES)

'Super' Size It: Full Build

Creating a website that is as unique as your company necessitates a wide range of skills. I've got your web development needs covered — no matter how simple or complicated they are — from the technical back-end to the aesthetically pleasing front-end and throughout the ongoing optimization.

$675 (10 PAGES)

The Mercedes Experience: Full Build + Online Brand Development

In addition to comprehensive web design and standard rephrasing, I provide SEO Copywriting, Tag Line creation, and About/Bio creation. This is an essential add-on for your business as it ensures fluidity and digestibility for your site's user while also capturing key terms that allow you to appear at the top of search results on a consistent basis.

$100 (60 MINUTES)

Audio Mastering

​What I Do

  1. Remove unwanted words, sentences and sections.

  2. Remove and edit unwanted fillers like umm, ahh. 

  3. Remove coughs, unintentional breaks etc.

  4. Remove long pauses and silence wherever they occur in the file.

  5. Splice intro/outro music.

  6. Making sure your loops are perfectly synced to the tempo, with no jerks or glitches.


Audio Transcription & Editing

You require fast and accurate transcription and editing of your audio/video files. You, on the other hand, do not want to pay exorbitant interest rates and other fees. Problem solved! Your transcription can be completed within one business day, or less.


Time Management & Organizational Coaching

What would it be like to have a schedule that works for you rather than against you? Coaching in time management can help you better manage your professional and personal roles and responsibilities, as well as the peaks and troughs of daily life.

Change your mindset and the way you present yourself in your career and/or business. Organizational coaching can assist you in focusing on what is important so that you can work at your best.

Note: One-on-One Coaching is a significant investment. 

Audio editing services include, but are not limited to, voice editing, podcasts, voice overs, audio books, interviews, and videos. Is your audio file longer than 60 minutes? Don't worry, I'll tailor your package to your specific needs.

All aforementioned web development packages are quoted for an initial build or redesign of up to 10 pages; this total includes any required subpages. If you require more than 10 pages, utilize the contact button below for a direct quote. Questions? Visit our FAQs.

Services: Price List
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